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About Us

Goodwill Women’s Pulse is a non-profit organization that aims at improving the welfare of women and girls through its health and development programs. It is composed of professionals from various districts in Uganda and well-wishers who have the heart of developing their regions.

Turinawe Evas hails from a very humble background, lost her dad at an early age and a single mother in a family of five children brought her up. She attended Kaihiro and Kabaare C.O.U primary schools, Bigyera Secondary School, Equatorial College Ibanda and later joined Mbarara University of Science and Technology for her bachelor’s degree of Science in Computer Engineering. Different groups of people met her education at all levels and through that, she has grown up with a kind and generous heart of sharing the little she has with other people.

By the time she joined university, she realized her dream of changing economic status of women and girls in her country through carrying out health and development programs. She started chasing her dream right away from that time by starting up a girls’ association with her fellow girls in class. It aimed at developing themselves through saving part of their pocket money, gaining skills in economic activities like frying chapattis, samosa and pancakes and meetings to share about health and developmental issues. This association helped members in different ways and it created unity among them. She has preached this kind of message in many school retreats, organized with the help of old students. This has motivated and encouraged fellow girls to remain focused and determined in their career development.

Later hard work and generosity, earned her Presidency of Ibanda-Mbarara University Students Association in 2016. Her regime focused on peace, unity, good health and development. School outreaches to various schools in Ibanda District, handover ceremony was cerebrated from Mr. Rwaburindori’s home in Bisheshe with an aim of learning improved farming methods especially on coffee, cattle and fish farming in his demonstration farm. Most students realized their dreams and got to know how to integrate knowledge they get from class with real life economic development. It is in her regime that Ibanda University students association formed with a mission to unite all Ibanda students in various universities in Uganda.

It is from that stage that Evas decided to share her dream with women and young girls in the communities across the country through Goodwill Women’s Pulse Ltd. With this initiative, we hope to eradicate poverty hence economic prosperity of our communities and country at large.

Our vision

To foster economic prosperity among women and girls through good health and development programs

Our mission

To alleviate poverty in communities through women and girl child empowerment.

Our Objectives

To advocate for girls’ and women’s health practices and well-being.

To train women and girls about income generating plastic waste recycling.

To advocate for girl child education

To advocate for equality, leadership and empowerment of girls and women in families and communities.

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